Karen an I were on the west side and stopped to pick up a few items at Meijers. The last time I was at the west side Meijers I was walking into the store when this lady walked out in front of me. The entire back of her dress was tucked into the waist of her pantyhose showing the world that everything was present and accounted for. I wasn’t quite sure where to put my eyes. Keeping them closed or looking down were not good options in the parking lot. Neither was walking backwards. So now and again I was faced with watching her biscuits bobble into the store. The wake of people she left behind were giggling or covering their mouths, looking at me like I was her entourage. Friends asked me later if I said anything to her. I would then tell them a Little Billy joke: Little Billy came home with two black eyes. His Mom asked him what happened. “This lady on the bus had her dress stuck in her crack so I pulled it out and she hit me in the eye.” “So what about the other one?” she asked. “I thought she wanted it there so I put it back.” So no, I didn’t say anything. I figured she’d be so embarrassed she’d probably hit me. And then I’d be wearing her embarrassment.

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